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AngioJet thrombectomy can reduce dose and duration of lysis compared to...

Anna Louise Pouncey revealed at the European Venous Forum annual meeting (EVF; 28–30 June, Athens, Greece) the findings of the GSTT venous team (Guy’s...


Current aspects in the management of superficial vein thrombosis

Superficial vein thrombosis is not a rare disease, with an incidence of 0.64 in 1,000 annually.1 The POST, OPTIMEV and STEPH studies have shown...

Deep venous obstruction interventions: What is needed in 2018

Cees Wittens writes for Venous News about the current state of deep venous obstruction interventions, what we might expect in the near future, and...


Rick de Graaf speaks to Venous News about complications from venous stenting, including causes and best treatment approaches for reinterventions after stenting.

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