Sergio Gianesini graduated compression

The importance of evidence-based news in graduated compression for healthy subjects

While compression therapy is of the treatment options for patients suffering with venous insufficiency and chronic wounds, this could also present benefits for healthy...

Private equity firm invests in UK centre performing EVLA for varicose veins

A private equity firm, Palatine (Manchester, UK), has announced that it has made a “significant investment” into a UK centre—Veincentre—that provides endovenous laser ablation...

Pharmacotherapy for lymphoedema may be on the horizon

While developing specific treatment for primary lymphoedema presents an “enormous” scientific challenge, secondary lymphoedema may prove an easier target, Oliver Lyons writes for Venous...

The evolution of varicose vein treatment: From 19th century ligation to noninvasive therapy

The last two decades have seen a major revolution in the treatment of varicose veins and venous reflux disease—and we may be on the...

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