Narayan Karunanithy

IVUS during haemodialysis access “aids device selection and adequacy of treatment”

Narayan Karunanithy outlines the benefits of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) during haemodialysis access intervention. Thoracic central veins include intra-thoracic segments of the internal jugular, subclavian, brachiocephalic...
enhanced sclerotherapy with the Inventor of the technique, Gregory Spitz

An overview of tumescent enhanced sclerotherapy as a treatment for superficial veins

While the treatment of spider, reticular and varicose veins using sclerotherapy has been a standard practice for many years, tumescent enhanced sclerotherapy has been...
Manj Gohel

A look at new preliminary guidelines for superficial vein thrombosis

At the European Society of Vascular Surgery annual meeting (ESVS 2019; ­24­­-27 September, Hamburg, Germany), preliminary venous thrombosis guidelines were presented for the first...

TCT 2019: System for managing deep vein reflux wins Shark Tank award

At the 2019 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting (25–29 September, San Francisco, USA), InterVene won the TCT-Shark Tank Innovation Competition for its novel endovenous system (BlueLeaf) for...

John Kaufman

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Kurosh Parsi

Fedor Lurie