Tactile Medical launches wound care product to treat venous leg ulcers


Tactile Medical has launched an ambulatory device for patients with chronic wounds. The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system combines two proven therapies—intermittent and sustained compression—in one device to heal venous leg ulcers.

Sustained compression has long been the standard of care for patients with venous leg ulcers, but recent clinical studies show combining intermittent pneumatic compression and sustained gradient compression improves and accelerates healing.

“For decades, there has been little tangible progress in establishing new methods to improve outcomes for the most challenging patients with chronic venous disease,” said Alan T Hirsch, chief medical officer of Tactile Medical. “New products must treat these conditions with real world comfort and sustained efficacy. The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system offers the benefits of dual-compression therapy in one easy-to-wear device, giving patients the freedom to stay active while receiving safe and effective treatment.”

Experts suggest that the addition of intermittent pneumatic compression to treat venous leg ulcers may be particularly effective for patients who have wounds resistant to healing; are noncompliant or intolerant of compression bandage systems; and are immobile or have impaired calf muscle function.

Some compression therapies are uncomfortable or difficult to use, creating barriers to utilisation for many patients. The ACTitouch system’s lightweight, wrap-around sleeve is easy to apply and can be removed for bathing or sleeping. Air-filled chambers and a padded undersock provide a comfortable fit and the device can be worn discreetly beneath clothing and with regular shoes.

The ACTitouch system includes a Therapy Tracker to further support and improve patient utilisation. The tracker automatically records and displays average daily use in each of the two compression modes, generating data clinicians can use to reinforce patient therapy goals.

The new product launch coincides with a business name change—from Tactile Systems Technology to Tactile Medical—and supports the company’s growth plan.

“The transition to Tactile Medical will more closely align our name with our expanded treatment portfolio as we accelerate growth in new markets,” said Jerry Mattys, CEO of Tactile Medical. “The new name reflects the company’s commitment to advancing the standard of care in at-home therapies for chronic diseases.”