VENITI completes first use of VICI VERTO VENOUS STENT system


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The first patient suffering from post-thrombotic syndrome associated with venous outflow obstruction has been treated with the VICI VERTO VENOUS STENT system.

This stent delivery system allows the physician to deploy a venous stent beginning at the peripheral end of the common femoral vein. The stent system received CE mark on 1 April, 2016. The announcement comes ahead of the Charing Cross Symposium (26–29 April, London, UK) where the company will preview the product, along with the already-released VICI VENOUS STENT.

“Frequently, in patients with extensive venous outflow obstruction causing post-thrombotic syndrome, it is necessary to extend the stents below the inguinal ligament to cover the entirety of the common femoral vein. In these cases, accurate stent placement is essential to maintain inflow to the stent system from both the profunda and femoral veins,” said Stephen Black, consultant vascular surgeon, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London UK, who performed the procedure. “It is encouraging to see the team at VENITI and others in industry working with physicians to develop new products like the VICI VERTO VENOUS STENT which address the specific needs of the physicians treating venous disease.”

The VIRTUS trial is being performed under a US Food and Drug Administration Investigational Device Exemption to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VICI VENOUS STENT for the treatment of chronic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction.

“Completing our first case of the novel VICI VERTO VENOUS STENT System by Stephen Black is a very significant milestone for VENITI. This new concept, which is used to deliver and implant the VICI VENOUS STENT, is designed for accurate deployment at the lower or peripheral iliofemoral vein landing zones and is the first of its kind in our field,” said Jeff Elkins, president and chief executive officer of VENITI.