Bentley enters venous world with launch and first-in-man of BeYond stent

Houman Jalaie and team

Bentley has announced receipt of the CE mark for its BeYond venous self-expanding stent system. The company will initially launch the stent to an exclusive circle of leading venous experts to gain first-hand experience with this novel device.

The first-in-man was successfully performed by Houman Jalaie, head of the European Venous Center Aachen-Maastricht (Aachen, Germany), and his team on 31 August 2019.

The BeYond is an open-cell Nitinol stent, indicated for acute and chronic symptomatic obstructions of the femoral or iliac vein. It comes with a wide range of diameters from 10 to 18mm and lengths up to 150mm.

“Although there are already products on the market that seem to be developed especially for veins, Bentley got the clinical feedback that these stents are not ideal yet—either they are too stiff or too flexible, both of which can reduce patient outcomes.” states Martijn Nugteren, director of sales and marketing at Bentley. “To overcome current shortcomings, we put the best of both worlds into the design of the BeYond venous.”


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