SeCure trial data show ablation of incompetent perforator veins benefits patients


Kathleen Gibson (Bellevue, USA), one of the principal investigators of the SeCure trial, presented its results at the ACP 2018 annual congress. “More than closure rates, it is the quality of life findings from this trial that are important take-homes for physicians,” Gibson told Venous News.


  1. Dr. Gibson: Are you aware of any new guidelines changes in insurance carriers (specially medicare) that consider treating perforator veins in C4 Patients medically necessary?.Do you charge this patients directly? I understand that ablations in only C6 disease patients in which there is a pathological perforator associated with the ulcer is consider medically necessary and therefore cover by the insurance carriers. How do you justify treating this insured patients? I ask you this because I often run into this situation, in which I have ablated the GSV and I know there are pathological perforators responsible for skin changes which are not covered and consider experimental treatment. I have been using a 1470nm with a 600um bare fire for over 2 years with good success when treating perforators. I usually do not charge the patient and most of the times ablate the perforator the same day as the GSV or SSV. I appreciate your expert opinion.


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