Use of non-medical staff should be considered to address “sorry state” of UK venous care


Venous care in the UK is in a “sorry state at the moment”, Zola Mzimba (Derry, UK) tells Venous News. This is in part down to COVID-19 which has driven a continued rise in waiting lists and patient assessments. However, Mzimba explains that “even before COVID venous care had its flaws”.

He discusses the current inconsistencies associated with venous care in the UK, with the biggest disparities in care being both “regional and multifactorial”. In order to address this, “collaborative working needs to be improved and systems need to be put in place to improve the pathways for patients”. In addition, “although controversial, consideration should be given to non-medical people delivering assessments and treatment” as part of efforts to speed up the delivery of service.


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