VEIN Magazine Podcast: Episode 6


Also known as “Vein Specialists Sitting around Talking and Having Drinks,” the VEIN Magazine Podcast with Steve Elias features real discussions on venous disease and treatment. Once a month, this podcast brings together leaders in the venous treatment world to talk about the latest developments, events, and discoveries in vein care. If you’re involved in vein care, then this is the podcast for you.

Recorded from the 9th annual European Venous Forum Hands-On Workshop (EVF HOW). EVF HOW course directors Marianne De Maeseneer from Belgium, Tomasz Urbanek from Poland and Steven Black from the UK join Steve Elias at the 2018 EVF HOW meeting in Cyprus to discuss the 2018 meeting and venous education in Europe.

Find the full series of this podcast here:


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