Veniti announces first US patients enrolled in VIRTUS trial


Veniti has enrolled the first US patients in the VIRTUS trial of the Veniti Vici venous stent system. The four procedures were performed at two sites, including the Heart and Vascular Center, St Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA.

“In treating patients with venous disease, we must address the specific challenges encountered as compared to those with arterial disease. We are excited to participate in the VIRTUS trial of a stent, designed from its inception, for use in the venous system,” says Mahmood Razavi, director for clinical trials and research and co-principal investigator for the VIRTUS trial.

Scott Solano, Veniti president and chief executive officer comments: “Based on the experience of physicians in Europe, both in clinical and commercial cases, Mahmood Razavi’s experience met our expectations. We look forward to continued collaboration with our sites in the US and Europe.”

The Vici venous stent system was designed to be compatible with the unique anatomy and pathophysiology of the venous system, including crush resistance, vessel coverage and flexibility. It is intended for use in veins of the lower extremities and pelvis, including the iliac and common femoral veins, in patients who exhibit symptomatic venous outflow obstruction. This condition is frequently associated with disorders of the lower extremities, such as varicose veins and venous ulcers.