Zilver Vena venous self-expanding stent now available in the USA

Zilver Vena
Zilver Vena

Cook Medical has announced that their Zilver Vena venous self-expanding stent is now commercially available to physicians in the USA.

Zilver Vena is a self-expanding stent designed to meet the needs of patients suffering from symptomatic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction. When implanted in a patient, the stent expands to keep blood flowing through narrow or blocked iliofemoral veins. A Cook press release reads: “The stent was designed to balance flexibility and strength: it is flexible so that it can conform to a patient’s anatomy while it provides sufficient lumen expansion to restore venous flow.”

Since Zilver Vena received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to treat patients suffering from iliofemoral venous disease, Cook will soon begin launching physician training and other support programmes to go along with the product.

“Cook Medical is proud to offer the Zilver Vena stent to physicians,” said Mark Breedlove, vice president of Cook Medical’s Vascular division. “Cook continues to drive innovation for venous therapies. Along with this stent, we are offering medical education training programs and building clinical evidence so that we can better understand venous disease.”


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