CX 2020 LIVE to flag latest guidelines and stent durability in superficial and deep venous programmes


Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK), who is also a member of the CX Venous Executive Board, welcomes you to CX 2020 LIVE, which will include some of the major highlights from the deep and superficial venous programmes.

A number of recently released “important guidelines” in the superficial venous space will be presented and discussed and there will be a strong focus on stent durability and design in the deep venous programme.

CX 2020 LIVE will consist of 10 live sessions, which will feature audience participation, and run from 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT/17:00 CEST every Tuesday and Thursday, from 26 May until 25 June.

This meeting is a vascular education calendar special with complimentary registration. Make sure you register now to participate in the CX 2020 LIVE sessions. Read more on the programme here.


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