PIUR Imaging launches wireless tomographic ultrasound system

Piur tUS Infinity

PIUR Imaging has launched a portable version of its tomographic ultrasound system to the European market. The new CE-marked PIUR tUS Infinity is a small, wireless version of its tomographic ultrasound solution that turns any standard ultrasound into a high-resolution tomographic imaging device.

It consists of a small video box that connects to the video output of third-party ultrasound scanners, and a patented sensor-based tracking unit that attaches to any linear probe. Both units connect wirelessly to a standard laptop to transmit real-time 2D ultrasound images and information about transducer movement. An AI-based reconstruction algorithm turns this information into ultrasound volumes that can be analysed, stored, and shared similar to CT or MR scans.

The technology separates ultrasound acquisition from image analysis, and can help to increase patient-throughput in busy scanning rooms. The PIUR software provides volume rendering of vein maps, varicose veins, and tools for calculating carotid plaque parameters, such as plaque volume, volumetric stenosis, and 3D grey-scale median. Non-vascular applications include thyroid and nerve imaging.

The device can be ordered on a subscription-base for a few hundred Euros a month and is available in Europe as of now.


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