CE mark granted to FlowAid Medical FA100 sequential contraction compression device

FlowAid FA100 being used with electrodes
FlowAid FA100 being used with electrodes

FlowAid Medical Technologies has received CE mark approval for its FA100 SCCD sequential contraction compression device.

According to a press release, the FA100 SCCD was designed with the patient in mind, intended to offer an easy to use system, allowing complete mobility and operating without external pressure to the leg.

Sequential compression is usually achieved with external pressure to the leg. This system works using number of electrically-stimulated controlled contractions.

The primary mechanism of the FlowAid FA100 SCCD is to compress the veins in the lower leg by using a specifically controlled wave of peristaltic contractions, distal to proximal, designed to cause an increase in venous outflow from the limb. According to the release, this is useful in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, lymphedoema, and the complications of these diseases. Keeping a constant flow may also prevent deep vein thrombosis from occurring. Secondarily, by increasing venous outflow, the FA100 SCCD should also increase arterial inflow. This may be useful for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease, arterial insufficiency, and the complications that may develop from these conditions. The FA100 SCCD has been useful in treating microischaemic neuropathy by hyperperfusing the limb, according to the release.