Covidien launches next generation Trellis peripheral infusion system


Covidien has announced the commercial launch of its next generation Trellis peripheral infusion system. The redesigned system continues to be the only pharmacomechanical thrombolysis device that enables focused treatment of blood clots that lead to post-thrombotic syndrome. This latest Trellis system has been optimised to enhance drug delivery and the removal of the dissolved clot.

The Trellis system provides a way for physicians to dissolve acute thrombus and intervene on deep vein thrombosis before it advances to post-thrombotic syndrome. The system is comprised of an over-the-wire catheter with two occlusive balloons to close off the treatment area and block drug release to other areas of the body; an infusion zone to deliver the lytic drug; and an oscillation drive unit that disperses the drug to dissolve the clot. The updated Trellis system features enhanced drug delivery and increased amplitude of the dispersion wire to better distribute the drug throughout the clot. Additionally, the new system features a larger aspiration window than the previous version, which allows for better removal of the drug and the dissolved clot.

“Covidien is committed to providing clinicians and patients with advanced technology that is clinically relevant and demonstrates economic value. Our clinical data has demonstrated that the Trellis system’s targeted lytic delivery may reduce the risk of bleeding complications normally associated with systemic thrombolytic infusion,” says Mark A Turco, chief medical officer, Vascular Therapies, Covidien. “Furthermore, intervening in patients with deep vein thrombosis may help improve long-term outcomes in a population that can suffer significant complications if left untreated.”

The Trellis peripheral infusion system is currently available in the USA, Europe and Canada.