Phlebology world heads Down Under for UIP


UIP 2018Venous specialists from around the globe will meet in Melbourne for the much anticipated 2018 World Congress of Phlebology (UIP; 4–8 February, Melbourne, Australia) hosted by the Australasian College of Phlebology. 

The president of UIP (International Union of Phlebology), Nick Morrison (Scottsdale, USA) said that there has been an exciting build up to UIP 2018 since the last gathering held in 2013 in Boston, USA, then hosted by the American College of Phlebology. 

“This World Congress meeting in Melbourne has been anxiously awaited to provide a global update of the diagnostic and therapeutic changes in venous and lymphatic disorders. The 65 international member societies will be well-represented, and it is anticipated that the meeting will be of very high scientific quality. And, of course, colleagues from around the world will enjoy reconnecting with each other after so long an interim period. I personally look forward to greeting old friends and making new acquaintances,” Morrison commented to Venous News. 

Kurosh Parsi (Sydney, Australia), who, as president of the Australasian College of Phlebology, is host of the UIP 2018 meeting, previously told Venous News that in Melbourne, “the scientific content of this meeting will be interactive. Each day will host a ‘café session’ followed by a debate. We believe phlebology encompasses a wide scope of practice usually not reflected in most venous meetings. Other than important superficial and deep venous topics, you can expect sessions and themes dedicated to dermatology in phlebology, vascular anomalies, antiphospholipid syndrome, ovarian veins, lymphatic disease, the latest interventional techniques, post-thrombotic syndrome, paediatric phlebology, duplex ultrasound themes, and many more.”

In anticipation of the upcoming meeting, Venous News caught up with Alun Davies and Ian Franklin (both London, UK) who are part of the committee hoping for the chance to host the 2021 UIP meeting in their home city of London, UK. 

Why is the UIP meeting such an important one on the venous calendar?

 The UIP meeting occurs only every four years, and is a unique chance to meet the global experts of the venous world and to engage with industry on an international basis. 

What are you most looking forward to at the UIP meeting in Melbourne?

 We are most looking forward to meeting with a diverse group of phlebologists, to learn about different management pathways for patients and to hear the latest theories and practical procedures in the venous arena. 

The Royal Society of Medicine – Venous Forum is bidding to host the 2021 UIP meeting in London. What do you believe the Society will bring to the UIP meeting?

The Royal Society of Medicine – Venous Forum is one of the oldest venous societies in the world, it has a long track record in academic endeavour, hosting many successful meetings often with other organisations. 

In terms of the UIP meeting in 2021, the Royal Society of Medicine – Venous Forum would host in conjunction with the Charing Cross Symposium. Through this collaboration, the UIP would have the chance to have a very successful meeting building on the strengths of the Royal Society of Medicine – Venous Forum and the Charing Cross Symposium, supported by the European Venous Forum (EVF), the Vascular Society (VS), the British Association of Sclerotherapists (BAS), and the European College of Phlebology (ECP). We have also already received positive feedback from many members of the industry, who would also support 


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