Learn more about the 24-month results of the Venovo Venous Stent VERNACULAR trial


Michael Dake (Tucson, Arizona) presented the two-year data from the VERNACULAR trial at CIRSE 2019 on 8 September in Barcelona, Spain.

Dake said: “The 24-month results from the VERNACULAR trial using the BD Venovo stent show absolutely sustained benefit in terms of patency [and] quality of life from one year to two years. We saw a very high follow-up of 83% of patients coming back for a follow-up at two years. We had an overall 83% primary patency of two groups, the non-thrombotic iliac vein lesions and the post-thrombotic syndrome lesions. And again, we can see that the target lesion revascularisation and target vessel revascularisation was less than 11%. These are fantastic results and we coupled that with the fact that radiographic evaluation, a very high percentage of patients, showed zero fractures not only at one year, but at two years.”

This video was filmed by BD and is being sponsored for distribution in association with Venous News, Vascular News and Interventional News.

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