The Arnsberg ClotTriever study reinforces CLOUT registry outcomes


Why is clot removal crucial for patients suffering from DVT? What are the major benefits of a lytic-free thrombectomy? Watch Michael Lichtenberg (Arnsberg, Germany) present the outcomes of the Arnsberg ClotTriever Study which confirms the safety and efficacy of the Inari ClotTriever system. He also highlights the cost effectiveness of the device.

“I am confident to call a system efficient if I can remove more than 90% of the clot in acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Our data confirmed over 95% clot removal using the ClotTriever system”, explains Lichtenberg. “The fact that this treatment option gives us the possibility to completely avoid thrombolytics is a huge advantage.”

This confirms that the outcome of the Arnsberg ClotTriever Study is fully aligned with CLOUT results—the only registry capturing data on mechanical thrombectomy in DVT. Both studies conclude that there is 0% vessel damage with minimal blood loss using a single-session treatment.

Lichtenberg believes these results are very promising with the potential for long-term benefits when treating patients with DVT. “More data are needed, and more data are coming”, says Lichtenberg. “our centre is part of the DEFIANCE randomised controlled trial (RCT). Its goal is to prove that mechanical thrombectomy is superior to anticoagulation alone. We look forward to seeing the results of this latest trial.”

This video was filmed by Inari Medical and is being sponsored for distribution in association with Vascular News, Interventional News, Venous News and CX Vascular. Biba Medical bears no responsibility for the assets used in the production of this video.


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