Erasing language barriers at the UIP 2023 World Congress


This article was provided by the American Vein & Lymphatic Society.

WordlyThe UIP 2023 World Congress (17–21 September, Miami Beach, USA) will bring professionals from different countries and regions to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest advances in venous and lymphatic medicine. However, the language barrier can often be a significant obstacle for non-native English speakers to engage effectively. To address this challenge, the American Vein & Lymphatic Society and co-hosts have decided to use an artificial intelligence (AI) technology called Wordly to provide translation services.

Wordly is an AI-powered translation service that can translate speech in real-time in over 25 languages. Attendees can listen to audio translations or read written translations, which are accessible by QR code.

One of the key benefits of using Wordly is that it provides a seamless attendee experience. Attendees can use their smartphones or other devices to access the translation service; nothing needs to be downloaded or installed in advance. Moreover, free WiFi will be provided in session rooms, ensuring attendees can access the translations without incurring additional costs.

All educational sessions will offer translations, making it easier for attendees to follow the presentations and engage in discussions. To use the translation services, attendees must bring a WiFi-enabled mobile device or laptop and headphones. Once they have selected their language, they can listen to audio translations or read written translations in real time.

Virtual attendees will also be able to access the translation services for the live stream. Any attendees who cannot attend in person can still benefit from the translation services and participate in the event remotely.

In addition, Wordly offers a simultaneously written transcription in any of the 25 available languages, including English, for deaf or hard-of-hearing attendees. The goal is for as many attendees as possible to engage with the scientific content presented in Miami Beach.

By offering translation services, the UIP 2023 World Congress organisers are demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and their recognition of the importance of breaking down language barriers to facilitate effective communication and engagement.

Using AI technology like Wordly represents a significant advancement for medical conferences. Previous translation services relied on a person listening and translating sessions, which was costly and limited the number of languages the Congress offered. AI translation is an ideal solution for large-scale events like the UIP 2023 World Congress, where multiple languages are in attendance, and a high volume of content will be translated.

The UIP 2023 World Congress chose to use AI technology to provide translation services for attendees because it offers a fast and accurate way to communicate across language barriers. By providing real-time translation services of educational sessions, Wordly can help break down language barriers, ensuring all attendees can better participate in the conference. Learn about the UIP 2023 World Congress and venous and lymphatic medicine at


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