Recruitment underway for VenUS-6 trial on venous leg ulcer treatments


Catherine Arundel (York, UK) talks to Venous News at the UK Vascular Societies’ Annual Scientific Meeting (VSASM 2021; 1–3 December, Manchester, UK) about the VenUS-6 trial—a randomised controlled trial which aims to recruit and randomise 675 people with venous leg ulcers in order to investigate the clinical and cost effectiveness of different compression treatments, including compression wraps, evidence-based compression and two-layer bandaging.

Arundel outlines the need to be sure that the different treatments are both “effective” and a “good use of NHS resources”, particularly as “there is not the evidence currently, certainly for compression wraps for venous leg ulceration”. Looking at cost-effectiveness is really important she adds, not only so that physicians know that a treatment works for the patient but also that it is “a sensible and efficient use” of NHS resources.

Recruitment for the trial is currently ongoing and will run until at least 2023. “It is a really important study so we would love to hear from NHS sites and get them involved in helping us to run this study”, concludes Arundel.

To learn more or to get involved in the VenUS-6 trial, visit or email [email protected]


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