The new Venovo Venous Stent is changing clinical practice


Steven Dubenec (Sydney, Australia) and Gerard O’Sullivan (Galway, Ireland) discuss the impact of dedicated venous stents, in particular the Venovo venous stent (BD, formerly Bard) at CX 2019.

Dubenec talks about how the Venovo stent – which comes in a variety of sizes and lengths – has changed his practice “significantly” and outlines why it is “extremely easy to use and deploy”.

O’Sullivan discusses the key differences between elgiloy stents and the Venovo stent which he says are “different animals”, emphasising that there is far “less guesswork” and “greater accuracy” with the dedicated venous stent.

He also touches on the FDA-mandated prospective non-randomised VERNACULAR trial, which found that patients with a Venovo stent had primary patency of 88.3% at 12 months compared with the literature-derived figure of 74% – an outcome which showed the Venovo stent to be “clearly far superior”.

O’Sullivan also looks at the difference between the choice of stents in a non-thrombotic iliac vein lesion (NIVL) procedures compared with post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) procedures as well and highlights the best anti-coagulation regimen, before during and after the procedure.

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